Broad link rm 4 pro storage on docker?

Hi, installed a RM4 pro with temperature and humidity cable BUT I can only see the temp and humididt on home assistant (great) but :
NO command is stored (following any guide) the call service to learn procedure
maybe works,
but later when SEND the same comand I got an ERROR:
remote.send_command failed. Unknown error.
I give a look to the .storage folder there isn’t any file for this product…
Is it correct this behavior ? :face_exhaling:
Any idea?
thank you !

EDIT: of course, the app of the product works.

There should be a file broadlink_remote_[device id]_codes created in the ./storage folder

Thx for your reply, I waited so long to see a new file on storage folder… a lot of test but nothing.
After reading a lot of other solutions I cannot be able (yet) write the correct way to achieve this but at least i SOLVED.
Even if broadlink receiver is found correctly, try to do a complete restart of home assistant (several times !)
Use the app (yes on your smartphone and try to Learn some code in meanwhile with your hand press a key (shortly on the remote) and try with a third hand (!) to hit CALL service in home assistant interface (remember to set timeout 5 sec and RF or IR according to the kind of remote you use) hit again the same key.
IF the orange led is yet on try to wait. It will be off every time is well saved a code.
The procedure require several second and yes in the .storage folder a file will be created (and another file added with “_flag” no extension).
So probably is important keep in mind some lags added from each actor involved ( including my self :slight_smile: ) anyway I finally I got these codes.

Some codes are wrong (I don’t know why but not work properly ) I tried to remove from the file (in storage) and RENAME the other but home assistant not seems see the changes… need to restart it again ?

EDIT: all the procedure for some remote is really, really strange : Sometimes HA interface has some issue it overwrite the last command (X) (even is displayed (X+1)and I trying to save it).
EDIT : Wait for notification of HA before press remote KEY, and if it fails a message will be on log: ERROR (MainThread) […] Failed to learn