Broadband Rx/Tx rate to monthly usage stats

Hi all,

I have a Unifi Dream Machine which I want to monitor the WAN stats on as my broadband has a monthly fair usage policy. I’ve no way to connect to the internet router to get the stats (unlike my old one), but have managed to get the Rx/Tx rates on the WAN port from Unifi (via the Unifi integration). So I am looking to convert the MB/s readings to actual MB down/up. I thought I could use a template like I do with power consumption on devices, but it doesnt seem to work.

Can someone give me a quick heads up on how to go from MB/s in real time from the UDM to get an ever increasing value of MB downloaded? I’m aware this is pretty crude but should work. I’m happy I can then stick that into a utility meter to get the rolled up numbers over a month.

Or if anyone has a way to get the usage stats (in MB/GB) on the WAN/internet for UDM a different way that would be great.