Broadcasting TTS using Paging/Intercom on SIP phones

I have previously done this with another Home Assistant instance using Node-Red and a complicated process of moving the cached TTS file to the /web/ directory then using SSH to move it to the server hosting Freepbx - but if there is an easier way (this was fiddly and not very reliable if any link in the chain failed…)

I seem to remember I once got the IP phones to appear as a notify device, but I can’t remember how I did this, and this did stop working pretty quickly. That would be the golden goose, obviously.

I’ve seen DSS VoIP Notifier exists and I’ve got that working, the only problem is it loops the sound file, which won’t work for me, I don’t want notifications looping as they’re being broadcast on speakerphone into the room.

Also looked at Chime, which might simplify slightly the above Node Red process, but really I’m just wondering if there’s a smarter way of doing this.

My HA, Freepbx (Asterisk) etc is all on the same LAN.


Solved, by the way, the answer (for me, since I was already running FreePBX on my LAN) was DSS Notifier! That’s it.