Broadlink. A/C and TV

Hey everyone, got working ligts via broadlink, but in the file with TV codes and A/C codes is nothing, so I cant control them. Working by i got jsonSubIr jsonButton jsonIrCode (3th step). Everything is fine with lights, but A/C and TV - no. From e-control I cane make them work, but not through HA.
What did I do wrong?

Is there someone who can help?

This custom component might answer a lot of your needs:

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Thank you, but how should I get IR codes?


For the A/C codes you might be lucky and someone has already provided some for your model: or you might have to capture them yourself and make a .ini file. In which case you’ll need to capture all the IR codes manually using the Broadlink device (see HOW TO OBTAIN IR/RF PACKETS section of this page: You can also use the e-control software to capture the codes and import them into home assistant, instructions on how to do that are included at the bottom of the same page. I found this second method a bit too complicated though.

Remember that usually A/C commands are complex and often include all the settings in one blast of IR so it’s necessary to capture the code for each temperate and mode, check the .ini files on the webpage I’ve linked to for examples.

Hope this helps.

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I got TV working by the first way (learnt with HA)
Now, A/C. I do control it via e-control, but when I try to get codes by “python” I just get nothing. Empty file. May it be because I do not learn e-control, instead, there are already all codes, I just choose my model. So may be e-control does not open the codes, so I cant get them. In this situation I have to do everything manually… But it’s stupid, A/C protocols are complex and I cant just get controls correct

@Argo Glad you got the TV working! The AC codes are complicated, you need a code for each combination of options, I was so glad to see someone had already generated codes which work with my model. Originally I did try getting the codes from the e-control app but couldn’t get it to work. Perhaps someone will capture the codes or your model … or you could capture them and post them to the project :star_struck: ! Good luck!

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