Broadlink A/C

Greetings. I have a broadlink, whitch is cappable to control my A/C and lights. I used python and got light codes (they are fine). But there is no A/C codes. Maybe because I did not learn the A/C commands, but used broadlink’c codes by the name of my A/C (so, there already was my A/C with written codes). But it would be great to be able to control A/C via broadlink from HA. Is there any ideas? Has someone done this?

Thank you for link. I just can’t understand where do I get from ini file with codes. Does this work with all A/C which arr available from broadlink app? Or I have to learn it manually?
Not really liked the comments - it breaks off after HA updates. Need something stable, for my parents house…
And working with siri…

The ir codes are specific to your device.

Users have shared them to the github page for some models. Usually the codes are similar across brands. There are instructions on how to extract a .ini file from the broadlink app, alternatively you can learn the codes manually one by one. If you create a .ini file be sure to share it with others.

The .ini files are hosted here:

Look Sendo A/C unit with Wifi Control (BroadLink_OEM-T1)