Broadlink IR Climate Component


This is my custom component to control dump air conditions through Broadlink RM devices and IR codes.

Thank you

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Amazing! Will give it a try! Thanks!

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This is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks!

By the way, how do you get the IR codes ini file?


With official broadlink switch component and learn service.


This is awesome! Thanks! Will you try to get this approved as an official component?
How do I add an external temperature sensor as “current temperature” ?


Please download the updated component and use the parameter temp_sensor in your config.


does it work with HADashboard?


If the official climate component works with HADashboard then yes, it does.


Okay, I did it.
but is it possible to change the operations through the dashboard? for me it just appeared to change temp.


It’s amazing , thanks a lot bro for this huge effort you made it true , it was what I want since long time


This works with the RM Mini3 or does this only work with the RM Pro?
About to buy one of them to use it with this! Looks great!


it will work with all ir boosters i guess?


Thank you! I’ll test soon


I don’t get what is this component for?

I already have the temperature sensor from my broadlink rm pro …


In the readme i see the format for ini for media control but not climate?


@anon35356645 This custom component is more than a temperature sensor of broadlink rm device. It is a custom climate component which can control your AC unit if you set up the INI file with the appropriate IR commands.


@olskar You’re right. I will try to write the instructions soon. But I think it’s easy to understand how you will make your own INI files if you see the examples.


How to switch off the AC unit using this component? There is no “off” control. Do I need to add “off” to one of the custom mode?


Yes. If you are using HomeKit is better to add idle in customize->operations.


Sorry I am new to this. What is the difference between the use of “off_command” and “idle_command” in the IR file? Do I put my “power off” AC IR codes for these 2 commands?