Broadlink A1 air quality, noise & luminance sensor readings


So I got a Broadlink A1 and can’t quite understand how to interpret the readings for air quality & luminance, my reading for air quality is “0”, and the graph shows it as a value between -1 and 1, while the .py component seems to show it can go between 0 and 3. I seem to recall there was supposed to be a translation for the values, like 0=Good, etc., how can I make that happen? A similar issue seems to involve noise & luminance as well, while humidity & temperature seem fine.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I think I answered my own question, I read somewhere that we’re supposed to create a template sensor, with these values:

0 = ‘excellent’
1 = ‘good’
2 = ‘normal’
3 = ‘bad’

0 = ‘dark’
1 = ‘dim’
2 = ‘normal’
3 = ‘bright’

0 = ‘quiet’
1 = ‘normal’
2 = ‘noisy’

With the new Broadlink Firmware update, you get the 4th state for noise as well as the other properties

Hmm, so maybe I should update? I normally keep it off the internet for security and manufacturer local control removal issues…