Broadlink AC MQTT

Is anyone willing to make this integration home assistant compatible?

It is home assitant compatible:

What are you asking for, exactly?

An addon? If so, maybe ask the author. It is already HA compatible and has a docker version. Shouldn’t be too complicated…

If you don’t mind me asking how can I install this in home assistant. I am running HA on a rpi. The developer says:

I will have to check for you guys. I don’t run HA (yet) so have VERY little knowledge of it, especially coding side

Check this out:

Check out this new version: GitHub - ArtemVladimirov/broadlinkac2mqtt: Control your broadlink-based air conditioner using Home Assistant
Needs some help to make the addon repository configurarion.
It recognized my AC on the first try, and with auto mode too!
I’m running this on a container outside HA with this config:


    image: ""
    container_name: "broadlinkac2mqtt"
    restart: "on-failure"
      - "/etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro"
      - "/volume1/docker/ac2mqtt/config:/config"


  update_interval: 10 # In seconds. Default: 10
  log_level: error    # Supported: info, disabled, fatal, debug, error. Default: error

  broker: "mqtt://"              # Required. Use mqtts:// for ssl support
  user: mqtt-user                                  # Optional  
  password: "super-strong-password"                # Optional    
  client_id: airac                                # Default: broadlinkac
  topic_prefix: aircon                            # Default: airac
  auto_discovery_topic: homeassistant             # Optional
  auto_discovery_topic_retain: true              # Default: true
  # certificate_authority: "./config/cert/ca.crt"   # Optional. CA certificate in CRT format.
  # skip_cert_cn_check: false                       # Default: true. Don’t verify if the common name in the server certificate matches the value of broker.
  # certificate_client: "./config/cert/client.crt"  # Optional. Authorization using client certificates
  # key-client: "./config/cert/client.key"          # Optional. Authorization using client certificates

## Devices
- name: 'ac_principal'
  mac: 'c8f7XXXXXXXX'
  port: 80
- name: 'ac_segundo'
  mac: 'c8f7XXXXXXXX'
  port: 80
- name: 'ac_estudio'
  mac: 'c8f7XXXXXXXX'
  port: 80

With the Mushroom Climate Card :heart_eyes: