Broadlink after update

Wonder if anyone can tell what i am doing wrong. After the latest update my broadlink RF switches did not work. I followed the new broadlink integration and amended my YAML. But still not joy they are just not recognised.

Below is a snap shot of my YAML file. It is formatted correctly

  platform: broadlink
    - name: Side Lights

The few switches I have seem to be working OK after changing the yaml as you have clearly done. Do you just get a single entity defined in the Broadlink Integration like the following:


If you are using Call Service from Lovelace cards then I think these need to be changed from broadlink/send to remote/send_command.

Hi Jonoah

I have two entities in my Broadlink integration. A remote which i presume is my hub and Broadlink Temperature. I use the switches in an automation and also use Alexa to switch on and off

You probably need to add b64 before codes:

command_on: b64:JgAcAB0dHB44Hhw...

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Also remove the single quotes in the command

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Hi, i had the same problem here is what i did to solve this:

  • Remove the single quotes as suggested by @gchrisak
  • DONT add “b64:” before the codes HA will complain about config errors if you do so.
  • Double check the MAC Address of your device ( just ping it from your computer then do a arp list or check your routers dhcp clients if you are using dynamic IP’s ) seems like HA didnt cared about the MAC before only the IP and i had a typo in the former (70: instead of 78: as the first number). There was no error or anything just the switch didnt showed up, i fixed the MAC and now it works.

Hope this helps :wink:

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That was it thank you. Had E4 instead 34 in the MAC address , as you say never noticed as it worked before.

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