Broadlink alexa issues

I have just received my new broadlink rm pro but i am having trouble setting it up with alexa. I have downloaded the ihc app for apple and have connected it to my account which is connected through Facebook as an issue arises further down the line. I am able to create a device for me to control my fan which seems to work fine. The issue is getting alexa to work with it, i installed the new skill with the black background. I used my email and password which was CORRECT but not as broadlink says other wise so instead i got round it by using my Facebook details. Once connected and the skill is on it then asks to discover my devices, it fails to find any even tho i have one in the app created and can control it. Do you have any suggestions on what i could do to fix this?

Thanks for the future reply’s

My broadlink devices also stopped working through Alexa a while ago and I have reinstalled the app and run rediscoveries but was unable to get it to work again. I tried googling this at the time but couldn’t find anyone else bitching about it. I think the devices still don’t discover now… but I will have to check to confirm that. Anyway, more to the point. If you have the Alexa set up on your Hassio you can control all your entities through Alexa and won’t rely on the Alexa ihc skill anymore. Learning RF codes for HA is quite tricky but there are good instructions that work which I can fwd to you

So basically, i wont run into any issues when i use this device with hassio because broadlink wont have their hands on it to mess it up?

Your Hassio communicates directly to the broadlink device via its local ip address. Let us know how you get on

I have Alexa integrated with Hassio. But broadlink device is not being detected in Alexa. I have followed this document .
Is there anything else I am missing?
Thank You