Broadlink as a receiver?

It seems that Broadlink hubs (RF/IR) get pretty much attention (it got my also).
After reading a lot of posts I understand that Broadlink RECEIVER is very weak (at least the RF one) - it understands RF signals only from close distance (in learning mode)
Except the “learning mode”, it just a universal one directional remote, am I right ?
In case I am, does it mean that the Broadlink hub won’t get any feedback from any switch (in case the switch feedback IS implemented) ?

you are right (unless i am wrong :wink: )
i must say that i have no problem with the distance for learning my broadlink. it works across the room, and is needed only once. but that could depend on the remote you use to learn :wink:

RF, IR or both remotes ?

i have used both without problem.
maybe it also depends on the type?


I would like to know if it is possible with the broadlink rm pro to receive data from a pir sensor and transmit it to HA to trigger actions?

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nope i dont think thats possible.
the broadlink is a transmitter and not a reciever.
the reciever part is only there to learn what to transmit.

I have 2, I would put one to transmit and one to receive…

and how do you set it to recieve?

I “WOULD” put

sorry i dont understand what you mean.

you have 2 broadlink devices?
which type? and you can make it recieve continiously?

I think he means if someone did the work to enable this for him, he’d use one in each mode :slight_smile:


Maybe you could set a loop to activate learn mode, get data and switch to learn mode again.
Please mind the codes for same keystroke are not always (hardly ever/never) the same, so signatures cannot be used to identify.
You’ll have to apply the code conversion in your side to convert durations into preamble+long/short an hence, into the real code binary code.


I just bought a Broadlink RM Pro+ for those purposes also and would love to reutilize old remotes to trigger actions in Hassio (configure it as a receiver also).

Isn’t it possible to implement a constant learning mode on the broadlink component, which is briefly deactivated when it transmits something and then activated again?

I don’t know if this is possible, but I would love to hear feedback about this.


I recommend the Sonoff RF bridge, 10 euro, you flash it with Tasmota and you get what you want: constant receiver and sender when you want