Broadlink CLI - SmartIR

Broadlink CLI - SmartIR

Use your Broadlink RM4 Pro and RM4 Mini to easily learn codes to control Climate, Fan and Media devices. Easily be walked through the process of learning each of the codes, while getting a json output that is compatible with SmartIR & Home Assistant.

Check out the demo, you’ll see how easy it is.


pip3 install -r requirements.txt


Run the following and follow along, I swear to you its easy!

python src/

Motivation & Inspiration


This tool is a replacement for BroadlinkIRTools or broadlinkmanager-docker

The first tool BroadlinkIRTools was broken at the time of creating this, as it would attempt to use broadlink.learn via Home Assistant to learn the codes. This has been deprecated and replaced with remote.learn this broke the tool completely, sad because it did exactly what I sought out to do here along with a UI…

The second tool is great, however you must learn one code at a time, then you must manually copy them to a json file and fill out a ton more info to make it compatible with SmartIR.


Inspiration to make this came from the following