Broadlink devices

there are new Broadlink devices to add to core configuration.
Please add to file also:

0x6111: (sp4, "MCB1", "Broadlink"),
0xa56a: (sp4, "MCB1", "Broadlink"),
0x756f: (sp4, "MCB1", "Broadlink"),
0x618b: (sp4b, "SP4L-EU", "Broadlink"),
0x6113: (sp4b, "SCB1E", "Broadlink"),

They have been tested successfully.


Hi Paolo. Thank you very much! Are you sure that 0x6111 is a sp4 and not sp4b? I am asking for confirmation because of the PID, which seems to be in a different range, but I don’t doubt it, I just want to make sure everything will be ok when I add it.

Hi Felipe,
you are right, I made a typing error.
I added the devices in my configuration but when I made the post I lost a “b”.

Thanks for double-checking!

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Thank you!