BroadLink integration virtual switch - correct syntax "- name" vs "friendly_name" vs "entity_id"

According to the documentation HERE for the integration here is an example:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: broadlink
    mac: MAC_ADDRESS
      - name: Philips TV
        command_on: JgAcAB0dHB44HhweGx4cHR06HB0cHhwdHB8bHhwADQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=
        command_off: JgAaABweOR4bHhwdHB4dHRw6HhsdHR0dOTocAA0FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=

Why there is no friendly_name: "Philips TV" and entity_id: switch.philips_tv, but instead there is only - name: Philips TV

I am new to this, but I have noticed usually everything in Home Assistant has both “friendly name” and “entity id” but here I cant find the correct code to use it. Only “- name” and why there is - in front?

Thank you and sorry for the basic question.


In the example above the “friendly_name” is the same as “-name” and the “entity_id” is created automatically following the naming “switch.philips_tv”. What if I want to be different?
“friendly_name” Winter time example
“entity_id” switch.summer_time_example

I wanted to change the entity and I get this message:


And link to here - This entity does not have a unique ID? - Home Assistant

The Broadlink integration doesn’t support friendly names - or anything else much :roll_eyes:. You can add them in configuration.yaml with customize - for example:

# Broadlink switches -----------------------------------------------------------
      friendly_name: Landing Socket 1
      icon: mdi:lamp
      device_class: outlet
      power: '5'
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