Broadlink Integratrion Issue

Hi @ all

I get an Issue for the following syntax

 - platform: broadlink
   mac: '78:0f:77:18:20:43'
   type: RM3_mini
       friendly_name: "TV"
       command_on: 'JgAcAB0dHB44HhweGx4cHR06HB0cHhwdHB8bHhwADQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=''
       command_off: 'JgAaABweOR4bHhwdHB4dHRw6HhsdHR0dOTocAA0FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=''
                      Error loading /config/configuration.yaml: while parsing a block mapping

in “/config/configuration.yaml”, line 11, column 8
expected , but found ‘’
in “/config/configuration.yaml”, line 13, column 22

whats wrong?
and what else have i to do to get an integration für television power on/off?

best regards andy

Looks like you have too many quotes at the end of commands: …AAAAA=’’ should be … AAAAA=’

okay thank you…
no i get this message…

Invalid config for [switch.broadlink]: [type] is an invalid option for [switch.broadlink]. Check: switch.broadlink->type. (See ?, line ?).

If you’re on one of the latest versions of HA, Broadlink integration needs to be set up via gui :
“To set up a Broadlink device, click Configuration in the sidebar and click Integrations . If you see your device there, click Configure . If not, click the + icon in the lower right, enter the hostname or IP address of the device and follow the instructions to complete the setup.”

Then you won’t need host: and type: entries in configuration.yaml

I would also try to get rid of quotes in MAC address (don’t have them in my config), but it might not be a culprit.

And current implementation of Broadlink integration might not support friendly_name, just name: for the entity name.

Look at the current instructions on how to set up Broadlink here

I am trying to set up a broadlink device via gui (configuration + Add Integration), I put the Host IP but then appears a “Unknown error occurred” and doesn´t connect, somebody knows the reason? Thanks.

Have a look over here. You may need to add your device id to have it supported.

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What error message appears in the logs? What is the PID? (check device information in the official app)

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Hi, thanks for you help.
When I verify the configuration, it appears: Invalid config for [switch.broadlink]: [timeout] is an invalid option for [switch.broadlink]. Check: switch.broadlink->timeout. (See ?, line ?).
And if I restart HA, the error message is:
Logger: homeassistant.components.broadlink.switch
Source: helpers/
Integration: Broadlink (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 16:20:06 (4 occurrences)
Last logged: 16:22:56

  • The ‘host’ option is deprecated, please remove it from your configuration
  • The ‘timeout’ option is deprecated, please remove it from your configuration

I´m sorry, and the PID is 87270000

You need to update your configuration. Example configuration.yaml for switches:

  - platform: broadlink
    mac: MAC_ADDRESS
      - name: Philips TV
        command_on: JgAcAB0dHB44HhweGx4cHR06HB0cHhwdHB8bHhwADQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=
        command_off: JgAaABweOR4bHhwdHB4dHRw6HhsdHR0dOTocAA0FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=
      - name: LG TV

Remove the ‘host’ and ‘timeout’ attributes and use the name as a template for the entity id.

Thanks you very much, felipefiel. Finally, I made It using smartir integration, and now It is working. Thanks a lot :wink:

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I am running into the same issue. Can you describe how you set up smart IR to make it work?