Broadlink IR Devices - Response and user experience

Hello All,

I was wondering if i could get some experience and feedback on Broadlink RM devices for IR control, Specifically RM mini 3 and 4.

I am actually an openHAB user, and i have several of these in my setup. I use them to remote control my air conditioners, and my televisions.

What i experience is that in some cases, between pressing a button and getting the action executed, these devices have delays of seconds. This basically ruins the TV remote control application.

I am trying to gauge if this is a device issue, or something wrong with my setup. I thought that asking on this forum would give me a lot more exposure on this devices response because it looks like these devices are adopted more by users of home assistant.

@felipediel , i have seen that you have done work on the plugin for home-assistant (I saw a number of topics where you worked on improving delay response). Would you be able to share your experience with these devices? My devices are not connected to the cloud (They have been deleted from the app, the app has been deleted, they have been reset to factory and joined to my network with broadlink_cli)

If the consensus is that these devices should have a good response when issuing commands at a sub-second rate (which is what usually happens when you are using your TV remote), then i will start looking at the other parts of my system (plugin, etc etc)

Thank you very much everyone for your help!

Thing have got much, much better here last period of time. You can read lot of old posts about troubles.

But that time has gone.

I have two RM4 mini’s here. One in the living, one in the master bedroom.

They work flawlessly.

And even the programming of codes got from heavy as hell to very easy. I’m using the native Broadlink integration, no any plugins. Programming 20 keys from one remote control took me 45 minutes spare time. I’m fine with that.

I have several automations for an older HiFi set and for a IR climate device, where pressing 5 or 6 buttons in a row is needed for the desired function. Missing any of that presses will result in unwanted operations. That NEVER happened to me. It works every single time!

I used an RM4 pro (I think it was) for years until I got rid of all the IR stuff that needed it a couple of months ago but I never had any timing issues with it when I used it.

The thing that sucked for my use case was the lack of state synchronization between the controlled device and HA.

But if you already used it for a while you already likely know about those limitations.

Ok, that is very helpful, thanks. Did you use it for remote controlling TV’s, things like zapping, etc?

I only used it for RF controlled ceiling fans. No IR stuff at all.

Oh, Got It. I am only looking at IR stuff at this point, no RF at all.

I have an RM3, an RM4 and a Pro, widely used for IR and RF devices.

A bit fiddly to set up (more than a year ago, easier now), no delays of the kind you describe. Some network delays reported in the logs, but nothing affecting performance. The best kind of device, really - set up and forget.

Ok, thanks for the feedback. It is sounding more and more like i need to look at my overall setup.
Do you use them for remote control over IR on televisions? (Zapping, program change, etc).

The RM3 is used solely for the TV, but all it does is step through a series of keypresses when the power socket is turned on: standby | home | select channel. I don’t use it interactively. Very reliable, though.

Got it. Appreciate the feedback!

I use it for digital tv box and TV, so far so good