Broadlink IR woes

so ive got a broadlink mini 3, and i can send my dumb tv an on/off just fine, but i cannot get it to change inputs.

on the remote its input, then 3, works fine. it goes to the #3 input.

so on the broadlink (via node red), i send the input button, then i send a 3, but it never works right. the input jumps around. i’ve tried adding delays but thats not it.

it feels like the broadlink is firing (sending IR ) too long.

ive never been able to get it to successfully change inputs programaticaly with either yaml or NR.

For me, I never had much luck with the codes my Broadlink recorded from learning mode. Hunting down the discrete IR codes online, then converting them to Broadlink YAML was much better.

So my advice would be to search the discrete codes for your TV. Start from there.

See my post here

Might help you.

Or setup the custom broadlink media component if your TV ini file is already there. Much easier.