Broadlink...IS my packet too short? Size matters!

Hi! I have been using Broadlink RM Mini successfully for quite some time. I set up my commands by learning my IR remote buttons via the switch.broadlink_learn_command_X_X_X service, and it worked well!

Since then, HA has been updated, I’ve transitioned to, and lots has changed in my setup - so I wanted to add some new remotes.

I’m going through the steps fine to learn_command, and despite the component being a bit buggy, I’m getting a packet to send as a persistent notification.

For some reason, the codes I’m getting are way too short - compared to what I got back when I first set up my system (back on Hassbian).

Here’s an example…

Previous packet:

New packet:

As you can see… much shorter! And not only that, when I use the Send Packet service, it does not work for the new packet, but it DOES work for the old one!

It’s almost like they’re in a different ‘language’ (base?)

So something’s not right… any ideas?


Hi @Vince_Email ,

Any luck solving this issue?