Broadlink issue “runtimeError”

Hello everyone. I’am connecting broadlink ti HA by and I’m now on “9. sudo python install” and getting this “RuntimeError: autoconf error” in the end. What am I doing wrong?

Wrong version of python?

Mine is fresh. Should I really use 2.7? Is it the reason?
Will try it tonight

You may want to read thru’ this thread …


I have changed “” to fresh one with python 3, and did my way again, but the issue is with “” (its inside “python-broadlink” which i got on 7 step), so I get the same issue. Seems to me, “” should be changet for python3, but how did others do? Apparently, I’am doing smth wrong…

You only need to do upto step 5 anyway! You only need 6,7,8,9,10 to send a test code, but you can skip that and just put the codes into HA since Rene’s code provides the yaml for you with the correct base 64 codes.

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