Broadlink mini integration problem


I have a RPi running home assistant and right now I am facing an issue with broadlink 4c mini integration.
i have 3 x pcs of 4c mini installed in each room. I integrated them using built-in integration.
I created scripts to turn my aircon on/off in each room and created switches to control from my floorplan.
The first two units work perfectly , yet the third 4c mini has issue. it shows error when I try calling service “remote send” as well as while running script. The switch on the floor plan won’t change state and keep sending turnning off command no matter how many times! i click.

Have a look in the config/.storage folder - you should see files that look like broadlink_remote_xxxx_codes, and there should be one per device. This is where the commands are stored. I’m guessing one of the files doesn’t contain the expected command. You “should” be able to copy the command from one file to another, given they’re all the same device model. I have done this successfully before. I think I had to then reload the integration.

However, it might be safer just to reprogram the command.

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Hey it works now ! i did exactly what you said.
However, it wasn’t anything wrong with the lines in broadlink_remote_xxxx_codes.
But unlike other codes, this particular one looked like “not compiled” since all the lines show up white in visual studio code while the rest devices shows orange.
I just ctrl+x everything, ctrl+v again and they changed color somehow and works like a charm.
It was a weird experience.
Thank you bro !
I am adding another 30 of them. so wish me luck XD