Broadlink MP1 not working after upgrade to 0.94.0

After upgrading to 0.94.0, my MP1’s are showing as unavailable. Anyone else having this issue.

Can’t see any error’s in the log file to indicate there is an issue.



Has this issue been fixed and released?

Not yet (0.94.4).

Just upgraded the 0.95 and its still broken.

In case it’s helpful to someone, if you want to use Home Assistant 0.94 or 0.95 and be able to use the MP1 without needing to change your configuration, you can try this:

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follow app the steps, but the switch wont work, got the switchs showing in the ui, but not working

Same for me

Does anyone know of this has been fixed in .96

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Doesn’t work yet

it works fine for me

b0rken here as well with 0.96.3

I ended up installing the custom component, and now use that.

Same here, it got broken after 0.94.0

I’m on 0.97 the issue persist