Broadlink OEM plug type

@Danielhiversen perhaps you can explain,
I have an OEM device with Broadlink tech in it and it’s Identified on my home network as spmini so that’s how I originally set it up in HA (the type)

It’s not working very well so I did some digging and found that the code it’s identified as is “0x7539” which falls under the category of the following line in the code I believe

  elif devtype >= 0x7530 and devtype <= 0x7918: # OEM branded SPMini2
return sp2(host=host, mac=mac)

So how should I define the plug type to HA ?
SP2 / SPMini2 ?

Can that error in the setting explain why the HA often lost control over the plug (but some times worked?)

It does not matter if you use SP2 or SPMini2:

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but if I had “spmini” before, could this explain why HA did not always connect with the device or should I look for another possible problem?

I am having problems to identify my Broadlink, can you explain how could you get the devtype code?
Thank you!

took a while to remember :slight_smile: code has changed much since…

try looking at

I believe I played around with “python-broadlink/broadlink/” and printed the devtype from that code right after line 15 or something like that, then it was a matter of finding the specific code and which device it was associated with further below.

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