Broadlink platform config error

Dear all,

I’m very new in Home Assistant, and i’m still learning a lot. But before asking, I read so much article on broadlink integration, but i wasn’t able to find any answer to my issue.

I got the following error : Invalid config for [remote.broadlink]: [switches] is an invalid option for [remote.broadlink]. Check: remote.broadlink->switches. (See ?, line ?).

and here is my configuration.yaml :slight_smile:


  platform: broadlink
    mac: '78:0F:77:63:14:B1'
    type: rm2_pro_plus
    timeout: 15
    friendly_name: "Phillips Tv Power"
    command_on: 'JgAcAB0dHB44HhweGx4cHR06HB0cHhwdHB8bHhwADQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA='
    command_off: 'JgAaABweOR4bHhwdHB4dHRw6HhsdHR0dOTocAA0FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA='


Could you help me to understand why i got this error even if i think i respect all rules to declare switches ?

Thanks you very much

Please format your code properly or we can’t help you

Edit: oh, switches also isn’t a valid option if you’re the broadlink remote platform:
You’d need to use the switch platform

Hi Tediore,

I’m new, i’ll try to figure this out about the code, and also thank you about the tip !!
I didn’t pay any attention about the text at the top… difference between switch or remote…

Thank you again