Broadlink RF. Problems with work

Hi all!
We encountered a problem with Broablink. There are curtains in the house that work via an RF signal. The problem is that it works extremely unstable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, I can’t achieve 100% success.

Or I configure everything to work, but after a while I have to change the service:remote.send_command parameters in order to get all devices to respond, but again, this is temporary.

Sometimes turning off the on/off switch in the Broadlink integration helps. Sometimes not. it feels like the signals are somehow superimposed on each other and the end device does not receive the correct code.

I thought about it. Maybe it’s a matter of a coordinated setup approach when working with multiple devices?

*- service: remote.send_command*
*    data:*
*      num_repeats: 1*
*      device: curtain_1*
*      command: open*
*    target:*
*      entity_id: remote.main*
*  - delay:*
*      hours: 0*
*      minutes: 0*
*      seconds: 2*
*      milliseconds: 0*

Friends! Share your experience if you have encountered such a problem!))