Broadlink RM 2 Alternatives (Australia)


I have a Broadlink RM 2 PRo but I am not convinced that they are legally certified in Australia. Is there any other alternatives to the Broadlink RM 2 Pro that can control 433Mhz and IR devices?


Did you buy it here? I have a Braodlink RM3 Mini which I bought from tecworld. They arent legally allowed to sell non-compliant equipment in the country so I seriously doubt they would risk the legal onslaught.

Hey Dave,

Seems Tecworld don’t have any broadlink on their website. I got mine from a retailer in Syndey.

Broadlink TC2 product is not appear to be currently compliant in Australia - edit: however the Broadlink RM Pro is compliant.

I will touch base with Tecworld soon to discuss options, it seems we are limited to Zwave is there a Zwave to 433 / IR bridge product that you know of?

oh, sorry i gave you the wrong website… it was actually:

What exactly is your concern regarding the “legal certification” you think the product should have?

I dont use 433MHz RF at all. Only z-wave, wifi and IR


As you probably know, every electrical product to be sold and used in Australia needs certification, compliance ACMA, EMC standards for this item AS/NZS 4288:2017 etc

Within the last 30mins I received the reports and certificates for RM Pro dated July 2017 which is great.

Hi Dave,

Only thing putting me off the ZWave is price, if the inline switches and energy plugs were around the $50 each I would use them, what is the best price you have manage to find for ZWave gear?

What device do you use to control IR devices from HA? I need to control an old aircon unit.

yeah, z-wave is generally up around $70~$90. For IR I use the Broadlink RM Mini 3. I use it for my old surround sound amp that doesnt have a network connection. I was planning to get another one for an A/C as well (if I cant manage to position the RM Mini 3 where it can blast both devices) They are nice and cheap at auseparts.


I have two RM Pro’s as two aircons opposite ends of the house. Works well for the IR and 433mhz.

I need to find the perfect product:

An Australian compliant Wifi or 433mhz controlled inline switch with energy monitoring, persistent memory to record state 2 gang, price point up to $50.

A product does exist the Sonoff Dual but not compliant in Australia !

If you come across anything like this please let me know.

Same here. I’m using RM Pro for IR devices and for TC2 2 or 3 gang switches.
I really like the switches look and build quality, my main concern is the fact they don’t feedback state.
But choice is so limited here in Australia :frowning:


Yeah agree great quality and shame about the feedback state and not compliant. I suppose the ZWave has the advantage here but they are so pricey to do large scale.

There are some other switches that I am getting confirmation on that may be compliant and wifi but needs a neutral wire and not all properties have neutral I believe.

I am in the process of trying to help get the perfect product stay tuned.

is this mainly for lighting? A cheap alternative is to use Yeelight wifi bulbs and then the Xiaomi buttons as light switches. I have this in some rooms

Hey Dave,

Those look good if I need to look at lights, thanks very much. I nearly have confirmation of certification of some great wifi switches and GPO get back to you soon.

one thing to remember (considering you are worried about Australian certification) is that unless either you are an electrician or you get hard-wired equipment installed by an electrician, it will be illegal and subsequently any fire/damage will not covered by your home and contents insurance. This is one reason why things like plug-in outlet switches and wifi bulbs are so good. With the wifi bulbs you can just leave the light switch on and switch the light either with an automation, via Hass on your phone or tablet, or by using something like the Xiaomi buttons. I used to have my old house hard-wired (I’m an electrician) but now that I’m renting I just use all plug-in equipment. The beauty of plug-in is that you can easily take it all with you if you move house, just label the parts and use them in the same positions in the new house. No programming changes required!

Care to share the make/model?

That is awesome keeps things simple with renting etc I have a slightly different use case than just lights so that is why I am looking for the inline based products. It is the law re: installation so no problem there electrician all the way.

I would think that even if an electrician installed a non certified / conforming product and it caught fire that the insurance company would void the insurance, really not worth it.

There are heaps of un-certified products on ebay, although they may physically work, I feel sorry for those who do not know this and their insurance companies might not cover them.

would you mind sharing the idea?

Since I pulled all my hard-wired z-wave gear from my old house before I sold it (and I now rent) I have actually turned a few items into plug-in versions but wiring them up in plastic boxes with pushbuttons and leads etc (perks of being an electrician :rofl:) so I can use them for power control (ie: ‘smart’ kettle). It was my way of not wasting good equipment and not having to buy plug-in versinos of what I already had. I plan to post a ‘share your project’ on here soon once I get a few more devices / automations / scenes etc sorted out.

I’m keen to hear what’s available. I’ve been planning to add some kind of in-wall switches to my ‘dumb’ fluorescent lights with normal wall switches, but don’t know what to go with here in Australia.

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