Broadlink RM mini 3 and air conditioning

I have a broadlink RM mini 3 with an LG air conditioning configured in the Broadlink application. I wonder if it’s possible to configure it in my Home Assistant too. I read some posts, but nothing is really clear to me about how to do that.
The only thing I added to the configuration file is the following:

  - platform: broadlink
    mac: C8:F7:42:17:3F:80
    type: rm_mini
    friendly_name: 'Broadlink'


Have a look at this. Broadlink IR Climate Component

It’s a custom component that will allow you to control your A/C and a climate device in HA. It may take a bit to learn all the codes for every possible option you want, but once it’s done it works great. I use this with my Mitsubishi Electric split A/C’s.

I’ll have a look at this component :slight_smile: Thanks!

I’m having trouble configuring mitsubishu AC. Can you share your code file?

I have a Mitsubishi Electric A/C. You can try these codes. This is a work in progress I’m am currently trailing out some more I’ve added before I update this.

I don’t know if these will work with a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries A/C.

Thanks for sharing the codes. Unfortunately, it does not work on mine. I guess I have to learn all codes manually one by one;-)

That’s a bummer. It can be a tedious task.