Broadlink RM Mini 3 can work on LAN?

I read it can be integred in hassio, but, as a lot of devices, with the manufacturer app. Is there a firmware to flash, or any way to make it work in lan as we do with sonoff or some devices?

I like the idea to have all my devices working inside, not to depend on if manufacturers servers are up or down… is there any list of devices that can be make working on lan?


I have the Broadlink Mini but don’t know what version.
You can get it up and running by editing your config.yaml

Instructions are in the Broadlink integration page

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Yes, this way must connect to broadlink server if I am right, so, you depends on manufacturer and internet to make It work

The broadlink integration works locally, so you can restrict the RM mini to LAN only on your router if it has that option (I have an RM mini and have it set up like this).

One way you can tell if a device in an integration requires Internet access to be controlled is by looking for the IoT class in this section on the right side on desktop or at the bottom on mobile:

The broadlink integration’s IoT class is Local Polling, which means Home Assistant controls the devices locally.


I think you will need to use the app to setup the device itself, get the WiFi setup, etc.

Then it can be blocked from the internet. The only problem is that the device then will constantly try to phone home. To the tune of 40,000 calls a day. (I’m not exaggerating). The two domains mine tries to call are and if you can block at the domain level.

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