Broadlink RM Mini 3, capturing codes


Just got myself one of these, need to control some IR light switches.

I have the app on the phone working and controlling the lights, how do I capture these codes.

I see there is a script but I understand that with its not that easy to Putty in and run code.

Is there another way to display them.

Regards, Dave

Have you tried…

Choose Call Service from the Developer Tools. Choose the service broadlink/learn_command from the list of Available services: and hit CALL SERVICE. Press the button on your remote with in 20 seconds. The packet will be printed as a persistent notification in the States page of the web interface.

Thanks for the reply, That worked the code is displayed but it wont fit in the status page i.e. I cant see / copy all of the code?

Re Dave

If I inspect the pages HTML code I can see it, is that the best / only way

I think I pulled mine from the states tab. You will have an entity ID called persistent notification.

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Brilliant, that works

Do you happen to know if you can send older RC5 codes via HA & Broadlink?

Re Dave

Sorry, cant offer any help there.

Ok, thanks for your time

Regards, Dave

this saved my life

Could you guys share your config entry for this? I retrieved my codes but I can’t seem to get this working with my ceiling fans/lights that I set up.

sorry, this is a kind of dumb question, but how did you copy + paste the code in the notificiation? I tried chrome and IE and it seems to disable copy + paste.

Copy from the states page.

i c, i ended up using copy paste on chrome on android and emailing myself the codes :smiley: