Broadlink RM Mini 3 IR (switch)


iam using the broadlink rm mini 3.
my configuration for the broadlink

  - platform: broadlink
    mac: 'XXXXXXX'
    type: rm_mini

If i use the switch.broadlink_learn_command service 3 times in a row with the same IR Remote (Powerbutton LG TV) i get 3 different codes:


I understand that the could be different in a way, that i got some repetitions. But they are already different at the start of the code? So is there any encrypting or anything else i have to consider?

Also tried the same with another ir remote, but with the same result.

Can someone help? Thanks

I’m getting the same with my sky remote only had for a day I think my problem is the length of time I’m pushing it but my gas heater remote work like a dream already have a automation when tv goes off it send the gas heater off command so I knows it works that’s why I think it a pressing time problem still learning how to drive it

The learned codes can differ, it is not an issue really. What is your actual problem? Are your codes not triggering your device when you blast them?

I liked this topic: Configuration of Broadlink IR Device and getting the right IR codes

Especially the link for adding repeats to your ir code.

I had troubles when I pushed the button to long, give it one quick press and thats it.

Also, copy the resultant code from the states page, I had issues copying from the front end.

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It’s normal that codes differ. Recording IR codes is like taking a picture with a camera. No matter if you always picture the same flower, the end JPEG file will be different.

Broadlink Android app has an integrated search function, with thousands of devices. I remember there’s a way to import a device from Broadlink database, and then export IR codes for use with Home Assistant.