Broadlink RM MINI 3 vs RM MINI 4

Hi guys i currently have a Broadlink RM MINI 3 and im wondering if its worth upgrading to a MINI 4. or is there another device i should be using. Thanks guys Only difference seems to be the support for HTS2 Temp & Humidity in RM4mini and RM4 pro. Also there is one video comparing these in Arabic مقارنة بين جميع اصدارات اجهزة برودلينك - Broadlink RM 4 PRO VS RM 4 MINI VS RM4C - YouTube

Bumping old topic, but I am also curious in this. In next few days I would like to decide which one to buy - RM Mini 3 or RM Mini 4.

I had a chance to see in specs that devices are almost the same, except of temp and humidity stuff, so I am mostly curious in three things and would like to hear real life experience if there is someone who had a chance to using both devices.

  1. I am planning to use device in my local network, integrated in HA, and I am not interested in vendor app at all. Ok, if vendor app have to be used to configure devices, this is not problem for me, but for every day use, I want to control it from HA (similar as for Yeelight/Xiaomi bulbs). So, I am interested is this newer Mini 4 still flexible regarding alternative ways of controlling (HA, Tasker, anything else?) or Broadlink maybe disabled this (and/or made it harder, it would not be rare case)?

  2. In general, are they really same as in specs, or there are maybe some improvements on Mini 4 (distance, angle, what ever?)

  3. Is this RM Mini 4 has temp and humidity sensors on it self, so they can be used in HA as other sensors of this type to give a state, or this is maybe some ability of RM Mini 4 device to connect with some external temp and humidity sensors, which I would have to buy separate (this is really less important, just curious about device features)

In general, what device fit better for guy who doesn’t like and doesn’t use vendor platform, but like to integrate it in HA, sending commands with Tasker Auto Voice and to controll own device in his own local network?

Thank you very much.

I’m now in the same decision. @stiw47, have you figured out the answers on your questions? What did you buy in the end?

Hey, I bought RM Mini 3, used it about six months or so, then when we bought new (bigger) apartment, moved there, and got a need for one more WiFi IR controller, I bought one more RM Mini 3. This could tell you that I have no idea how RM Mini 4 is good (or bad), but I was more than satisfied with RM Mini 3. If I remember correct, 3 is double or so cheaper on Aliexpress, compared to 4, and I had no any problem with it. One, in living room, is placed about 5m from aircondition. Remote is about on half meter height and AC near to ceiling, so 2m height. Another one in kids room is not so far from TV and AC, maybe 2m, but it is standing on top of closet, so TV is on smaller height and totally different angle. Both of them are working flawlessly. There is also great HA custom integration called Smart IR, you can find it on github. If I buy one more TV for second kids room, and if I get need for one more smart IR (in case if TV have no wake on lan, cannot be integrated to HA, etc.), I will definitely buy one more Mini 3.