Broadlink RM Mini3: 'Failed to send packet to device' - Send packet fails while learn command works

Hi everyone,

Just now I got my Broadlink RM Mini 3. I linked it to my Wi-Fi and added a basic HA configuration under switch:

  • platform: broadlink
    host: 192.168.2.*
    mac: B4:43:0D:::*
    friendly_name: IR Woonkamer
    timeout: 15

The learn command service works, I got the persistent notification.
However when calling the service send_packet with in the data the packet found before, I just get:

“ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.switch.broadlink] Failed to send packet to device#033[0m”

When I converted the obtained base64 to hex, and used the sendcode python script, mentioned on the component webpage, it did work…

Any ideas what might be the problem?