Broadlink RM-Pro and SIM1010

Hi everyone,

I bought those things a few days back:

They work perfectly, except I can’t manage to get them recognized by the RM-Pro… When I start a "learn-command process in HA, I look at the /Var/log/syslog (as usual), but nothing appears when I press the button.

Do you have any idea why?


Does it work in the e-Control app (Broadlink’s app)? I found that with some RF devices it was necessary to be really close (5 cm) from the broadlink when I push the button.

Are these definitely even the standard RF frequencies, wouldn’t be surprised if they’re something completely random.

It actually doesn’t work either with the e-control app. I tried with the button right in front of the rm-pro to be sure. But no luck…


That might be the issue… But I don’t know how to get sure of that.

For 15 Euro you can buy 3 433MHz plugs (for example Etekcity), I do not understand the scope of obhect you linked costing 3 times as much


I bought them for 5 euros each and i was interested in the battery-free button more than the plug.