Broadlink RM Pro Codes (from App)

Does anyone know a way to get RF codes from devices added to the Broadlink App?

I have an old BTX curtain motor (RF) and HA won’t learn it via the remote.learn_command. But, I can add the motor via the Broadlink App and it works fine. Anyway I can get those codes from the App?

I don’t think you can. What happens when you try to use the remote.learn_command?

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There is info towards the bottom of the broadlink integration documentation that shows how to get the codes, although I wouldn’t describe it as easy.

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And RF is a bit more complicated than point the remote and click. :roll_eyes:

Hi Stiltjack! The “sweep frequency” scan passes. But, the “Click the X Button Again” does not. It just times out.

No, it doesn’t. But, I like a good challenge.

I was able to use remote.learn_command by using a different button for “Sweep Frequency” than the “actual button”. No clue why that worked, but I’m posting in case anyone else runs into an issue like this.