Broadlink RM Pro+ limited TV channel digits?

Following the forum - learning about HA and universal RF devices.
Installed the Broadlink RM PRO+ this weekend along with Echobee Switch+ in my house with Alexa and a TCL ROKU 4K tv.

I was surprised how easily everything just-worked right out of the box.

Alexa turn out the kitchen light :+1:
Alexa turn on the coffee maker :+1:
Alexa turn on the TV :+1:
Alexa switch to Channel 31 :+1:
Alexa change to QVC :+1:
Alexa change to channel 321 … uh oh. Snag. :-1:

The TV received only two of the digits.
So I went into app β€˜Channel’ area under the TV icon - and setup the channel with 3 digits there.
Same snafu … it stored all 3 digits, but it only sent 2 of the 3 digits to the TV set - consistently

For those of you that use or are familiar with the Broadlink RM Pro+ and the IHC app, Is this a limitation of the device or software?

  • or do you have to tweak something to make it spit out more than 2 digits to the TV?
  • it sends all other 1 and 2 digit channel codes fine - as well as operating mute/unmute, channel up/channel down just fine.

Depends on your alexa integration but depending on the type of device it’s setup as in amazon, it may cap out at 100. Think light.

Sir, how can this be a limitation? Almost all channels are having 3 digits and I am really surprised at this glitch. Is there a way around this?