Broadlink RM Pro + Livolo Switches + RF learning woes

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well now there is the option of dimming

if you want you can also use rflink gateway instead of broadlink rm pro… I use both for my testings and as rangeextender

Have you had more success with rflink’s gateway than with the RMPro?

still testing… but on the first look… for me with the rflink gw I am more flexible than with with rmpro…

I had rflinkgw first…

How many codes do you have recorded?
Can we share each other? I have only One rmt04

There have been many discussions on Arduino forum about Livolo switches. The main problem for most people is that there is no dedicated ON command. The remotes normally send a TOGGLE command which means that you are never sure whether the lamp is on or off (unless you can see it).

The solution is to use a scene. Setup a scene with the lamp ON and setup a scene with the lamp OFF. The code for a scene is not the same as the code for toggle, so as long as the switch receives the correct scene command it will show the correct state.

Also on the Arduino forum, there is code to record (and decode) the Livolo RF code (which is proprietary).

A library is available to transmit the Livolo code (and for learning purposes on the RMPro, you can transmit for as long as you wish by modifying the code a little).

Obviously this solution needs a bit of work and you need to pretend to have many remotes if you have a lot of switches. (The arduino solution allows this). Once it is setup you no longer need the arduino (unless your RMPro loses all its learnt codes).

There is no transmitter on the Livolo switch so you cannot get status (feedback) from the switch. To solve this is much more complicated (and involves hacking the switch - do you really want to do that?).

The big benefit of the Livolo switch is that you do not need special wiring to fit it to existing installations. For a normal switch you will have a live wire from your fuse board, and a switch wire going to the lamp. Joining these two makes the lamp work. The Livolo switch needs no extra wire (Neutral), which many other switches do.

I´m very new to home automation, but i´m trying something out, I´ve already placed a rm pro working toghether with tasker/autovoice/android bridge and my home assistant (google). until know i was able to wake up my tv, mu receiver from cable tv, my chromecast, but not my xbox yet.
I live in brasil and here we have a lot of 3-way switches and, here we have almost all the switches with 3/4/6 gangs and we have mostly of our homes two wires arriving on the switch, which leave me with few option on the market . Besides livolo DIY that I can build my own gang, anyone knows any other one brand that is doing switches with 4/5/6 gangs? Will I have any trouble setting rm pro with livolos?


Can you give me some code only for Off?

will be nice…

any one? :slight_smile:

I have a Broadlink RM Pro plus and a TC2. Have anyone got success to make Alexa to control TC2 via Broadlink RM pro without using any Android bridge (RM plugin) yet? Of course, I guess we may need to build a dedicated private server to make a bridge on behalf of Android one above.

Thank you.

I didn’t use any andriod bridge but you have to get the command on-off of tc2 to rm switch. then alexa will see the switch in ha

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Thank you for your update but could you please give me more detail? Actually I still don’t know how to do. I’m sorry for my newbie question.

Sorry for my later reply. Please follow the instruction from here to add the switch to ha.

Thank you for your support. By the way, can I install HA on a virtual private server instead of a PI ? I don’t want to build a dedicated PI to run HA.

to install ha you can see from the website. there are several alternative way to install depend on your os.

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@aMUSiC can you help?

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If you mean the command off for the livolo switch. You can use the same command on.

i dont want, i want Separate code …

Anyone can go here and generate your livolo RF code.

u can send on only code and off only code