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Broadlink RM Pro+ & RF Rolling code - Solutions?

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I have an electric awning that I am trying to automate. The awning uses an ASA GO-sv

Remote manual: https://www.docdroid.net/3pn3GdR/awning-remote.pdf

The details suggest that this remote uses rolling code RF to transmit.

Now I purchased a Broadlink prior to knowing this and it seems that the Broadlink is not capable of handling rolling code, or am I wrong? Broadlink is picking up the remote and “learning” but the buttons do nothing.

Is there another way that I can go to get this working?


ASA and Somfy RTS with rolling code is supported by the RFXtrx433XL.

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Thanks! This is maybe the first sings of light that I have seen at the end of the tunnel… Does this unit work stand alone or do I have to connect it to something? Sorry just getting started with automation so I’m not yet up to speed :wink:


The RFXtrx433XL is an USB transceiver for 433.92MHz and 433.42MHz ASA/Somfy RTS.
Connect the USB cable to a system with Home Assistant or another home automation application that supports the RFXtrx433XL.