Broadlink RM Switch - TV Hisense H39N2110C

Hi someone knows where i can find Discrete Codes for the TV Hisense H39N2110C?
(Yep, i already google it and I found a couple of sites but the only list of codes that I found doesn’t work) :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

So, i have a Broadlink working, but only with the codes learned from the remote. The downside is for automations the toggle ON/OFF buttons isn’t enough… :cry:

I need the actual code for turn it OFF. :sos: :sos: :sos:

TV (Hisense H39N2110C)
Remote (ER-22601A)
IRBlaster: BroadLink RM mini 3

Found Codes (that doesnt work):
(I followed the steps present on this article to get the base64 codes)

The codes aren’t present at this sites:

Someone knows where I can find the OFF IR code for this TV?

So just to clarify…

  1. you have actually learned the codes from the remote on the broadlink?
  2. I assumed you used the econtrol app?
  3. Did you learn the codes with an android phone and were able to read the codes from the phone?
  4. Do you have the broadlink codes converted to base64 for use in HA?
  5. If all of the above is true, you seem to have everything you need to control the TV.

what is your question?

Yes to all the points, the issue is the remote button Power have 2 purpose, but i want only one.
For automation purpose, if I press the power button (via the send command) and the TV is already off, the command will turn it on.

I have a work around for it, have a ping sensor to have a condition on the script. But I would like to see a command only for turnoff, but the remote doesn’t have it. So I can’t learn it.

The actual question is if someone knows where I can find that IR code to turn it into a base64 and get rid of the ping sensor.

Thank you

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Ironically almost immediately after I posted the above I learned about “discrete codes”.

I used to find some codes for my 10 year old plasma tv.

If you haven’t looked there give it a try.

Yep, I tried but without luck.
I found a list of codes from Hisense itself, but the codes didn’t work… Maybe because of the TV models, mine is recent but the file is 5 years old.

RemoteCentral and IRDb and they don’t have my TV.
I tried reaching the Hisense’s support because it’s a recent TV. I’m not sure what should be my hopes for Hisense’s response but I only sent the email yesterday.

I have a workaround by using the ping sensor, but… I would like to see it properly configured.

Got a response from Hisense Support.

I explained what was the situation and they replied that the codes that they have the are the same on the PDF. So no Luck… But the response was quick thought…

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Boa tarde:

Caro cliente, os códigos que você possui são os mesmos que temos nós.
Lamentamos não poder dar-lhe outra solução.
Com os melhores cumplimentos.

Atentamente. Best Regards

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As a workaround I manage to find the current state of the TV via Chromecast powered via USB Port.
Suggestion from Discord #general channel.

Kudos for the guy that mention that some people do it like that.

I have the same issue. Would you mind posting that automation?

Also have you been able to select an input via remote code? I keep having issues on account of the input list being dynamic.