Broadlink RM

I am a newbie with home assistant and I got so much fun to develop and automate some stuffs in my home. One of the problem I am facing is that I cannot connect with my broadlink rm. When I use developer tool to trigger the service request, i got this in the terminal log.

17-03-16 08:29:27 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.switch.broadlink] Failed
to connect to device, timeout.

Any hints and suggestions will be appreciated.

The error message is due to a network issue or that your Broadlink device does not response on the message from HA.

There is a bug in the library we are using that might be the reason for your issue. You can try to apply this fix to you local Broadlink library.

can you post your config? Did you set the broadlink with static IP address and does it match the config?

Thanks Daniel.

I just give it a try but no luck.

Included these two lines into

  •      if (time.time() - starttime) > self.timeout:
  •        raise

Yes switched. I am using static IP. Phillips Tv is just a dummy section for me to trail. Not really using it.

switch 2:
platform: broadlink
mac: ‘00:19:94:35:CF:D5’
timeout: 30
friendly_name: “Phillips Tv”
command_on: ‘JgAcAB0dHB44HhweGx4cHR06HB0cHhwdHB8bHhwADQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=’

No luck?
Any errors in the log, or the same as before?

Just the same.

17-03-16 10:22:49 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.switch.broadlink] Failed
to connect to device, timeout.

With the fix applied to the code, you can try to increase the timeout from the config.

Not sure if related, but the MAC you have supplied is registered to Jorjin technologies.
I checked my MAC for my broadlink and it is correct labelled under Broadlink Pty Ltd.

It might be worth double checking the MAC/IP again, try pinging the broadlink and power it off … does the ping stop or continue?

Thanks Daniel. Will give it a try when I’m home

Jason. Thanks for your reply.

Be honest, I have bought this product long time ago and broadlink yet appeared on international market. The one I am holding is like the first generation device.
If somewhat that’s the reason, I will consider to buy a new one :slight_smile:

I am facing a similar issue, same error message.
How do I apply the fix? Exactly where is the file located where changes have to be applied?

I’m also experiencing the same issue. Total n00b, sorry. Can anybody advise how to go about applying the fix to my local library please (I’m using I have Googled much without success…

Many thanks.

My hardware - RP3, HA 0.63.1 (Hassbian and Raspbian), Python 3.5.4, Broadlink Devices.

I try to upgrade/install Python 3.6.4 due to the soon of breaking change for python support in HA.

The upgrade was successfully to 3.6.4. However, Once restart and load HA, I lost all my broadlink switches and whatever regarding with broadlink, did not show up on frontend with no error.

Please help and advice.