Broadlink RM4 mini and HTS2 working

Hi, just wanted to share my experience on getting the Broadlink RM4 mini and the sensor HTS2 working in Home Assistant.
It took me 3 hours to get it to work properly, watch as many videos as I could find and read as much on forums but I could only get the RM4 mini to work not the cable sensor HTS2.

So here is how I managed to get to work.

First thing, you need to download the official Broadlink app on your mobile, create an account, connect it up to the WIFI and make sure to update the firmware. This is really important, without doing this, out of the box the RM4 mini does not recognise the HTS2 cable sensor.

Once you updated the firmware, now you can reset the RM4 mini by doing a long press on the reset button at the back. Keep pressing until you can see quick blue flashes. You need to do this as you have made your RM4 mini linked to the cloud.

Now back to square one, do NOT use the official Broadlink app. Download the e-control Broadlink app
on your mobile or use on your computer the Python script python-broadlink to set up the RM4 mini.

Now you should see your RM4 mini on your network, make sure to reserve an IP address so if you reboot the router it’s always the same IP reserved for the RM4 mini.

Last step, in Home Assistant, go to the Configuration then Integration. Now add the Broadlink integration, enter the Ip address that you have previously reserved, give it a name.

Now you should have the RM4 mini working with the HTS2 sensor.

You can check this in the Developer tools under states, type in the name that you have given to your RM4 mini, you should see a remote and 2 sensors (temperature and humidity).

I hope this will help others, the really important bit is to make to update the firmware of the device if it fails to show the sensors.

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I have this problem but Broadlink app says Mini firmware is up to date, v52078. Is this the latest firmware?

@peejay yes, this is the firmware that I had to install on my RM4 mini, out of the box it was v52075.

Once you can confirm that your HTS2 sensor cable works within the Broadlink app, then you can reset the RM4 mini and use the e-control app or the python script to set up the WIFI connection and then connect to HA.

Hope this helps.