Broadlink RM4_Mini Remote app(apple) turns of my Tv

Hi Guys,

After a bit of fighting I have fully working my Broadlink RM4_mini with Home assistant using smartIR, Aircon and TV exposed to HomeKit with the bridge.

But I do have an issue with the media player. Each time I press anything on the remote app…TV turns off do you guys have any clue? this exact same things are working on home assistant.(volume For example)

My Tv is an old 2008 Sony Bravia Tv and I use 1020 code on Smart IR.

Also…anyone have the codes for the HDMI inputs 1, 2 & 3(I do not have the remote and cannot learn the codes)

Thanks in advance for your help!!

can you show us what you have done a extra pair of eyes looking at mite see something differance

Please tell me how you managed to add RM4 mini.
I have been trying for several months, but without success.
Thank you

Try scrolling through the other listed codes for the multimedia device. Apparently someone used the same code your TV uses in the header without knowing it. If you can change the codes on your Smart IR that would work also.
Have you searched for IR codes online? The irdb seems useful.


Sorry for late replyi have been traveling extensively for work…
I have been able to look into this again, funny thing is volume is working fine while launching the codes from Home assistant dashboard. …but if I recall the volume control from Homekit remote, either volume up or down, this turns off my TV.

I am running Broadlink integration, and Smartir, I have edited my code file only to accommodate the most usual channels. The original remote got broken long ago, so I cannot learn IR codes.

I have searched the web for codes… thing …is codes actually work under home assistant, issue is only present on HomeKit media player integration(remote). I can try different codes for volume… but as long as it works under HA …not sure if this can be the cause.

Any ideas?