BroadLink RM4 Mini teaching problem

I’m trying to follow the JuanM video on setting up my unit. I’m running into a problem where I create a list of commands and try to teach them via my existing remote. When I run the service, instead of prompting
me for Volume Up then Volume Down, I get this prompt in notifications.

Learn command
Press the ‘Volume Up Volume Down’ button.

What am I doing wrong?

How old is Juan’s video?
If it is more than a year old, I would find more recent information. (update, it’s 3 yo)
The best source is the HA docs.


I ended up teaching a button at a time. I only needed two. Juan’s video informed me enough to get my automation running.

I have a window air conditioner that its fan is fairly loud about 6’ from me on my good ear side, my TV is about 12’ away on my bad ear side. Turning the volume up and down as the A/C cycles is a pain.

Since I have power monitoring on the A/C circuit I know if the fan is spinning. It does have a 15 second sample rate so there is a bit of lag triggering the volume up and volume down automations but it seems to trigger in about half that most of the time.

Thanks for the reply.