Broadlink RM4 Pro Frustration

I have been struggling a few days now with the Broadlink RM4 Pro. I have learned all the commands from a remote that controls a set top box just fine. When firing the commands is where I am running into several issues. In order to get the IR blaster / receiver to actually register the signal, I had to step up the repeat signal to 3x. The IR receiver and the box are right next to each other. I can see the device registering the signal from Home Assistant, but it’s like 50/50 whether it registers on the actual device. Any suggestions? I was going to see if there is a way to up the frequency, but I haven’t seen any documentation for thet.

Turn off all other electronics that emit lights when you teach the device signals, also the one emit UV and infrared.
Also avoid too much sun light.

I have experienced Hue bulbs interfering with IR signals when dimmed.

Wow ok that is a good suggestion. I will give it a try. There could be some interference in the room I did the initial learn commands from.

Amazingly this solved the problems I was having. Thanks a million!!! It isn’t 100%, but it is working better. I guess the only real problem I am having now is running a script. For instance, I want to set up a script to change the cable channel to a specific channel. After writing the script it has a bad habit of repeating numbers or skipping a number. Any good suggestions for that? I have been playing around a bit with the pause between commands, but haven’t found a great combination. Appreciate the help!

That is a question about how the RM4 works internally. I can not help there, but try to create a new question about this, so others see it as an unanswered topic.

Will do thanks