Broadlink RM4 Pro not updating HA Dashboard when using Google Assistant

Hi all

My HA Dashboard is not updated when I pass RM4 Pro messages via Google Assistant. For example when using a fan with RM4 Pro, HA Dashboard might show the “Off” state although I asked Google Assistant to switch the fan to “On”.

How can I let RM4 Pro update / sync HA Dashboard?

What fan is it? Is it integrated in Home Assistant?

I imagine that since you’re using Broadlink to control the fan, it is not itself integrated into HA. In this case, I’m not sure HA can ever know the “real” state of the device - at best it will know the last command sent by the RM Pro.

I’ve got a couple of Broadlinks controlling lights and I use a “helper” to represent the assumed state of the light - that’s what appears on my dashboards. It’s still easy to get in a tangle, though, particularly if some helpful person uses the original remote.

It’s a dumb Ceiling Fan that can be controlled by a Remote Control - hence the RM4 Pro Unit that is integrated in HA

Use an input_boolean “helper” to indicate on/off and take the batteries out of the original remote.

So am I correct in saying that the Broadlink RM4 Pro device is responding with commands from HA and Google Voice Assistant, but does not broadcast a “message” on the network to say that it changed some device’s status? The problem is then with the Broadlink RM4 Pro?

How can I find out if the RM4 Pro broadcasts changes on the network? That way HA can possible listen for changes?

The original remote is not used - just Google Voice


This is the Card to controle the Fans.

So if I ask Google to Switch off the Living Room Ceiling Fans, this Card is not updated.

I suppose - although I’m not sure it’s fair to call it a Broadlink problem. The RM4 is essentially a bridge between HA and a dumb device. Even if the command is transmitted correctly, it has no way of knowing whether it has been obeyed.

Haven’t thought this through, but on your card you might be able to put together a HA script for each button, which would issue the Broadlink command and change the colour of the button. I don’t use Google Assistant, but with Alexa you can set up routines to trigger scripts from voice commands. Either way the colour of the button would reflect the last command issued.

That’s a very good idea! Maybe I could let Google Voice commands work via HA and that HA “talk” to the RM4? I hope it’s possible - I’m still new to HA :slight_smile: