Broadlink RM4 Pro setup (sub-devices) on HAOS

I’m new with Home Assistant. I consider myself IT literate and have a basic familiarity with Linux but am struggling with a lot of the setup, including Broadlink.

I have a Broadlink RM4 Pro, which has imported into HA but without any associated devices/entities. Unfortunately this model of Broadlink isn’t compatible with the Windows Broadlink Manager app. Even if I add the device to the app manually, it shows its IP address but reports that there are no compatible devices. I can’t fully decipher the following from the HA documentation on Broadlink:

There is no more need to set up platforms, except for custom IR/RF switches. Once the device is configured, all entities will be created automatically.

The entities have the same name as the device by default. To change the name, icon or entity id, click the entity on the frontend and click the settings icon in the upper right. You can also disable the entity there if you don’t think it is useful. Don’t forget to click *Update* to save your changes when you’re done.

The entities are divided into four subdomains:

* [Remote](
* [Sensor](
* [Switch](
* [Light](

My HAOS setup has added the Broadlink device automatically, but doesn’t the above mean that the subdevices it controls (I have 4 in the Broadlink app on my phone) should also be imported automatically into HA as entities? All I see in the dashboard even after enabling and showing disabled devices is the following. This seems to be a full description of the RM4 itself but shows nothing for the devices it would control (TV, amplifier, Blu-ray player and hard disc recorder).
Any ideas on how I can get my Broadlink-controlled appliances into HA? Thanks in advance for any suggestions/pointers.

You need to add IR or RF codes to HA.
Use the documentation

Thanks for your response, but the documentation is the problem. To a beginner like me, the following isn’t meaningful. How do I use remote.learn_command and remote.send_command from my HAOS dashboard - or do I need to type it on the server command line (which isn’t near my Broadlink-controlled devices)?

Use remote.learn_command to learn IR and RF codes. These codes are grouped by device and stored as commands in the storage folder. They can be sent with the remote.send_command service later.



Thanks. I managed to get this information by asking in another forum but it should be in the documentation, otherwise there’s no way for beginners to know where to find it. I tried to submit a suggested edit to the documentation and again came to a dead end…no clear way to do that after clicking the “Submit an edit” button and being directed to GitHub.

Hello John, I’m having the same problem with the RM4 pro sub-devices that I added with the Broadlink app, in my phone. In the HA though, I only see 1 device and 1 entity and can’t find the way to add the sub-devices:

Hello Luis. Even when the sub-devices are added to Broadlink, they don’t appear in the integration. I think the way I added them was to go to Developer Tools / Services and type remote.add_command (as implied above). Then I had to create scripts/automations on the following lines.

alias: TV_power_off
  - condition: or
      - condition: state
        entity_id: media_player.lg_webos_tv_907b
        state: "on"
      - condition: state
        entity_id: media_player.lg_webos_tv_907b
        state: playing
      - condition: state
        entity_id: media_player.lg_webos_tv_907b
        state: paused
  - service: remote.send_command
      num_repeats: 1
      delay_secs: 0.4
      hold_secs: 0
      device: TV
      command: Power
      device_id: e7efb16b0ec3f1049df123c211d97c49
mode: single
icon: mdi:television

Hello John, thank you for your help. For the moment I can´t try anything else, as after so many experimenting I managed to get my HA unreachable…I can only access it in the Windows 10 PC were it is running (on an Oracle VM) and the only thing I’m trying to do now is some kind of restore to a previous version, using the CLI…not sucessfull so far. I might have to reinstall HA from scratch (:frowning:

The Broadlink is integrated with Home Assistant. The devices it controls are not - HA has no way of knowing what their status is, or even if they exist, it simply instructs the Broadlink to send codes.

There is a section in the docs on learning codes.