Broadlink RM4C mini (BestCon) is supported or not?

Broadlink RM4C mini (BestCon) is supported or not?
The official page says yes. integration says no. :roll_eyes:

any suggestions?

Exactly what I’m trying to figure out. Nobody will give a clear answer. It’s very frustrating.

I buy another mini 3. I tried the various solutions proposed with the codes but they don’t work, or I’m not capable, I don’t know.

Using 4 pieces of these BestCon Broadlink RM4C Mini devices here with no problems. The RM4C Mini is instantly detected by the Broadlink Integration without the need for hacking into the code.

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How have you managed to get BestCon RM4C Mini working with HA?

I am running the following setup, Broadlink RM4 pro was recognised immediately with Broadlink integration but no luck with RM4C Mini.

Home Assistant 2022.11.4
Supervisor 2022.11.2
Operating System 9.3

If it is the 0x520d variant maybe this post can help.