Broadlink S3 + SR3

Referring to this device -

After having a reasonable crack at trying to get these to work with HA, I have been more or less unsuccessful :slight_smile:

A workaround that I am not really happy with is:

  • Write a script in HA
  • Have Alexa discover the script
  • Have Alexa use the Broadlink Button to trigger the HA script

It works, but it is slow, relies on the cloud, relies on Amazon, and is quite unreliable

It would be wonderful if there was the possibility of having this work locally

I believe the support for S3 hub at least, has been partially implemented in HA?
Referring to these discussions:

community.home-assistant .io/t/support-broadlink-s3-hub-0xa59c-and-tc3-switch/381193/3
community.home-assistant .io/t/broadlink-s3-hub-and-tc3-switch/316598
community.home-assistant .io/t/broadlink-s3-hub-support/319832

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To be honest I’ll probably just end up getting Zigbee buttons, but hey.

I’m waiting for a decent solution too. Have you had any luck since with any other method?