Broadlink switches in UI

Hey everyone. I finally got working my switches via broadlink. There is no info about the state of a switch (broadlink can’t do that), so I do not need the buttons to change there colors. Tried looking on customizing, but found just new icons. How did you solve that issue? It would be fine to have just two buttons “on” and “off”, without any lights.

One more time, I just need the lightnings to be grey, not blue and grey (Its blue when it is active)

Hey, Argo.
I started working on a remote control component that could be used with the Broadlink RM Pro. I used the floorplan facility to create it by:

  1. Finding an image file of the remote
  2. In Inkscape I created entities for each button and named the buttons appropriately according to the normal floorplan instructions
  3. I then followed the rest of the instructions for the normal floorplan (I think, it was a while ago that I did it.

The remote works fine and I still have to take the yellow borders for the buttons off of the remote control image file. The only other problem is that when you press a button it comes up the info window, which still lets you press the button/control the switch, it would just be easier if it just performed the action.

I am not sure if this is what you were looking for or not but it does take a bit of work and patience but it is an interesting project :slight_smile: