Broadlink TC2 Issue

I’ve been having issues with one of my Broadlink TC2 switches recently. I have a simple automation triggered by sunset to turn on an outdoor light and send a notification.

# Lighting Automation - Alfresco Light at Sunset
   - alias: 'Alfresco light on at sunset'
       platform: sun
       event: sunset
       - service: homeassistant.turn_on
         entity_id: switch.alfresco_light
       - service: notify.notify
           message: "The alfresco light is now on"

This used to work reliably but now it seems to not trigger. Triggering the automation manually shortly after the desired trigger works fine.

Today during the day I decided to try and turn on the alfresco light manually though my lighting dashboard and it didn’t trigger. So I turned it off and turned it on again and it worked the second time around.

    - platform: broadlink
      mac: '0D:43:B4:CA:BB:BD'
      timeout: 15
          friendly_name: "Alfresco Light"

I have also just recently grabbed the HEX codes from the Broadlink app again and copied them into my switches.yaml but it’s exactly the same code. I have not yet tried to remove and relearn the TC2 switch from the Broadlink app and try to grab the codes again, this would be my next step.

Has anyone faced this at all? It seems to only be after the switch has been idle for some time?

Thanks in advance.

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Nobody? It seems to be doing this for multiple TC2’s I have around the home.

hi there.
I also have lots of TC2 around the house, I and I would love to integrate them with my HA.

The question is: I was able to learn the codes from my remote controls, using either HA service to learn or the software Broadlink manager, and manually learning one by one. And the question: How did you get the RF code from the switches? You pressed learn in HA and then manually switch on/off one of your switches? Could you please help me?


Hello. Were you able to solve the problem with capturing RF codes? I have the same problem, I can’t see the code with Broadlink Manager or learn command. How did you succeed? Can you give me a link or at least a description of the procedure? Thanks.

TC2 anahtarlarım için HEX kodlarını nasıl öğrenebilirim? Yardımcı olursanız size dua ederim :slight_smile:
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