Broadlink TC2 single gang issue with Yeelight smart bulb

I would like to share a problem I had with one of my single gang Broadlink TC2 wall switch.

I have been using few Yeelight smart bulbs for quite sometime until I decided to change my setup from using smart bulbs to smart wall switches such as Broadlink TC2 when the bulbs starting to fail. I realize the lifespan of the bulbs is a lot shorter than the wall switches and a single bulb can cost as much as a wall switch. Also, I never really use any of the smart bulb features such as dimming and changing color. So it doesn’t make sense for me to continue using smart bulbs.

I began replacing all the remaining traditional wall switches to Broadlink TC2 switches and continue to use every working smart bulbs but only as a dumb bulbs because all controls are via the wall switches.

However, there is one particular Braodlink TC2 single gang wall switch that give me the following issue. It connects to a single light bulb.

At first, I thought it was a defective unit. So I return it and ordered another one from different seller. To my dismay, it also has the same issue. Maybe coincidentally it is also defective. So I swapped another unit of TC2 in my house with this one and unfortunately it’s also same. So it is safe to conclude that the problem is not caused by the switch. Since the wiring and the switches are OK, the only thing left in the equation is the bulb and it is my existing Yeelight smart bulb. Once I changed it to a regular bulb, the problem solved!

I hope this will save someone out there some headache.