Broadlink to read 433MHz Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Hello, I am thinking to buy a Broadlink Pro to control some Infrared Devices at home and I was wondering if it’s possible to read the Temperature and Humidity values from a 433MHz transmitter that I have outside of my window directly through the Broadlink.
By the way I already did read the temperature and humidity in the past through Pilight and a 433MHz receiver connected to my PI.
Thank you in advance for the answer!

The Broadlink RM is a transmitter with learning capability. So I believe the only receiving capability is for the purpose of learning, and nothing else can be done with the signal. I would like to be wrong, because I’m about to buy a 433MHz receiver, and already have a RM Pro+.

That’s a bummer…my philosophy has always been " if there’s a reciever built in, then it can be used to recieve signals"… Anyway then I’ll buy the Broadlink Mini and I’ll figure out another way to capture the 433MHz signals :slight_smile: